Family Law

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Divorce Lawyer

You should conduct your own research before choosing a divorce lawyer. It is important to ask about the experience of family members or friends that have recently undergone a divorce to get a sense of how their experiences were. If you are in good terms with your spouse, it is best to avoid hiring a member of their family. This can create an enemy out of you or even lead to a new family feud. In short, you should not hire an attorney who has strong ties to your spouse.

While evaluating your search for a divorce lawyer, look for a simple website. Avoid websites with excessive graphics or animations. An unattractive website is also a red flag. Look for information that shows your divorce attorney’s expertise and a track record of success. Do not be intimidated by attorneys with big advertising budgets. Instead, look for a simple, clean website with no fancy graphics. This should be more than enough to give you an idea of the quality of his or her service.

When interviewing potential divorce lawyers, ask them a few questions. Make sure to find one who shares your philosophy and who specializes in family law. You should also consider the location of your divorce. While hiring an attorney from a large city might be easier, hiring an attorney from a small town or rural area may be a better fit. The lawyer you choose should have plenty of experience in the area you live in and is also familiar with the local court system.

Choosing a competent Chicago divorce lawyer should be based on your specific needs and your spouse’s preferences. A divorce attorney with experience in your particular area will be able to help you navigate the most challenging aspects of the legal process. Divorce attorneys can smooth over any misunderstandings and provide a sympathetic ear to listen to your concerns. If your spouse has significant assets or debt, you can trust the knowledge and experience of a reputable law firm to make the right decisions for you.

If you’re considering hiring a divorce lawyer, remember that the cost of a consultation will vary. A good consultation should last for about two hours, and you should always pay for your attorney’s time. Most divorce lawyers charge an hourly rate, but they may charge a flat fee. While hiring a lawyer should be the final decision, you should be realistic about the cost and make sure you can afford it. If you want a lawyer who works well with your budget, try to select a lower-priced one.

Before hiring a divorce lawyer, it is important to consider your budget and your preferences. You should consider how much you can afford to spend and whether you can handle the stress of a divorce on your own. It is crucial to select an attorney who shares your personal values and believes in a collaborative approach. You should also consider whether or not you feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues with your attorney. A good divorce lawyer should be sympathetic to your needs and preferences, and should be willing to discuss your concerns with you if necessary.

If you are able to communicate with your partner and come to an agreement, you can cut down on costs and make the divorce process more amicable. You should agree on an outcome and put it in writing. If you can’t reach an agreement, hiring an attorney is likely the best option. Your spouse may try to make you go away, or dig their heels in even more. Divorce can have lasting effects on you and your children. Hiring a good divorce lawyer is the smartest choice if you want to keep your relationship with your spouse.

Although only a small percentage of divorce cases make it to trial, if your case goes to trial, it is possible to have the divorce judge rule in your favor. In a court of law, attorneys for both parties prepare evidence before the judge, call witnesses and write opening and closing statements. Additionally, attorneys draft the marital settlement agreements that lay out child custody, alimony and division of assets. A lawyer should have a good relationship with you and your children.

Another option is an uncontested divorce. This involves a written settlement agreement, which will settle all issues concerning the children and the marital estate. The divorce lawyer will make sure that you don’t have any trouble with the judge. If the judge finds that you are guilty of adultery, the judge will probably award you a divorce. Otherwise, you will have to fight to get the custody of your children and support. In addition to all of these issues, you may be able to get a change of last name.



Family Law

Finding Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

The first step in leaving a relationship marked by domestic violence is to pack an emergency bag. Include extra clothes, keys, and money. Place this bag in a safe place so you can quickly access it. You should also keep important documents, money, and other valuables on hand. Also, know where to go and how to get there in case you become a victim of abuse. Use your cell phone carefully. Your abuser may listen to conversations, intercept phone calls, and monitor the phone billing records.

In Miami, an accused person can be charged with multiple crimes. Domestic violence is a hybrid crime. It increases the level of the crime based on previous convictions. However, an attorney can help you understand your charges and the penalties. This attorney can also help you determine possible defenses and potential repercussions. An experienced Miami domestic violence attorney can help you make the best decision about your legal defense. If you have been charged with domestic violence, contact a Miami domestic violence attorney today.

Physical abuse – This abuse affects the victim’s freedom and access to money, phone, and car. It can also affect your mental health. Physical abuse can even cause death. Whether physical abuse takes place within the family or outside, the victim needs to be protected. Oftentimes, police will intervene in order to protect them. Further, the victim’s family and friends should be informed that they are entitled to protection and should report any incidents of domestic violence to the police.

Verbal and physical abuse – The abuser may be able to stop the violence only when it benefits them. In other cases, a person in an abusive relationship will blame the victim for the abuse. An abuser’s behavior may even appear stable, but it is still abusive. The abuser may blame his or her partner for the assault or blame them for provoking the violence. Once caught, the abuser may become aggressive again. So, it is important to get help from a qualified professional as soon as possible.

Miami Family Law attorney has 25 years of experience handling cases involving domestic violence. They represent clients on both sides of domestic issues. A Miami domestic violence attorney, Miami Family Law listens to both sides of the story and formulates a strategy that works for their clients. Their approach is nonjudgmental and makes every client feel heard.

Protecting the victim – Identifying and responding to warning signs of abuse can help the victim escape the abusive relationship and begin the healing process. You may even find that you have to take action on your own, depending on the situation. You may even be able to protect your own physical health and mental health. There are many ways to do so. If you know what to look for, you can intervene before it’s too late. It is important to remember that domestic violence does not discriminate based on gender.

Family Violence Prevention Services – Miami’s Family Violence Prevention Services recognize family abuse and have the authority to arrest the abuser. The abuser can be incarcerated for hours, days, weeks, or months. The judge may require a bail hearing, depending on the severity of the accusations. While the process can be long, it is important to know that there are many steps to protect yourself and your family. When the abuser apologizes, he may even offer gifts. It is important to make sure your child is safe from abusers.

A victim of domestic violence is someone who has been sexually or physically abused by their partner. This includes dating relationship violence, which can also be considered domestic violence. The victim seeks counseling from a domestic violence advocate or counselor. The advocate helps the victim by explaining the laws regarding domestic violence and the proper way to proceed. In some cases, the victim may seek legal help, but he or she must be a victim in order to get legal assistance.

If a criminal charge has been filed against a partner, you should contact an attorney right away. An experienced attorney can assess the strength of the prosecution’s evidence and explore possible defenses. An attorney can help you understand your rights and make the most of your options. Your attorney may seek to have evidence excluded or the charges reduced. If the case proceeds to trial, they will represent your interests in court. If a court finds that the charges against you are valid, he or she may be able to get the charges dropped altogether.


Criminal Law

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney – The Most Important Decisions You Can Make

Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney is one of the most important decisions you can make. In fact, 90 percent of litigants in criminal court represent themselves. These people often fare much worse than those who have hired legal counsel. Hiring an attorney doubles your chances of a positive outcome. You may be facing serious charges, but you can benefit from the expertise of a criminal defense attorney. They will fight for you and your rights. They can also help you deal with the court system and the police.

Damon Cheronis is an experienced attorney who has handled numerous high-profile cases. He is extremely approachable and tries to provide a customized defense for each individual client. Moreover, he is an accomplished trial lawyer with decades of experience. He has been recognized for his superior legal ability, and has earned a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. He has won numerous awards for his work, including inclusion on lists of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers and Best Criminal Attorneys in Chicago.

A criminal defense attorney will investigate the facts surrounding the case against his client. In addition to investigating the case against his client, he will also negotiate a deal with the prosecution. Such deals can include reduced charges, bail, or even a reduced sentence. Due to political and public pressure, these deals are becoming increasingly important. Moreover, criminal charges can affect the individual’s reputation, family, education, and immigration status. So, it is imperative to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney to fight your case.

A Criminal Defense Attorney can handle a variety of cases, including those that involve high-profile crimes or lesser-known ones. He will investigate the crime scene, interview witnesses, and perform legal research. His aggressive defense in court will protect his client’s interests and save their freedom. And even if he is not guilty of the crime, he’ll do everything possible to get the best possible outcome. It’s a rewarding profession and one that will pay off in the end.

A Criminal Defense Attorney’s initial work includes reviewing the charges and analyzing any constitutional violations. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures, while the Fifth Amendment gives the accused the right to remain silent. In addition to examining the evidence presented at trial, the prosecutor will interview witnesses under oath. Finally, the Fourteenth Amendment gives the criminal accused certain rights against the state. So, it’s important to hire a criminal defense attorney who understands the constitution.

Once you’ve been arrested and charged, it’s vital to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Even if you have been cleared of the charges, they can remain public record. If you’re contacted by the police, you need to talk to a criminal defense attorney. Don’t answer any questions or give statements to the police, as you’re in a serious risk of being arrested. Additionally, police are likely to lie to you, so any statements you make can be used against you in court.

Tax Law

Understanding Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and its Impacts to Small Business Owners

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, also known as TCJA, has significantly changed the tax laws and is expected to affect all Americans starting in 2018. The new legislation will significantly reduce the burden of income taxes for Americans, while simultaneously lowering the rates for all income levels. Understanding your tax bracket and how you can maximize your deductions will help you get the most benefit from the changes. If you’re unsure of the changes, consider hiring an accountant.

Property tax is assessed on land and improvements to land. It is based on the fair market value of the land and any improvements to it. It’s sometimes confused with special assessment tax, which is levied on the land’s value and ignores improvements. Property tax revenue constitutes about 44% of the total revenue of the government. In addition to property taxes, a property tax rate also determines a nation’s PPP GDP per capita, which is measured in percentages.

This section of tax law allows a city or county to amend an exemption. Any changes must be approved by the taxing districts. The exemption will continue to apply to an eligible rental property as long as the original grant terms remain unchanged. Therefore, if you own property that qualifies for this exemption, make sure you submit your application before the March 15 deadline. It may be easier to file an application for a property tax exemption if you own other contiguous tax accounts.

Despite the complexity of tax laws, there are some ways to make your business more profitable. First, determine your business’s tax status. Then decide what types of improvements you make to your property. If the land is occupied by low-income residents, then the taxation rate is lower than the market value of the property. Then, consider the tax benefits associated with these improvements. A business owner can also take advantage of the tax law’s exemptions if the improvements are worth more than the property itself.

The main component of taxing real estate is the tax rate. Different types of properties are taxed differently, depending on their classification. Each class pays different amounts of tax based on its assessed value. The tax rate refers to the amount of tax paid on a $100 of assessed value. Tax rates may change from year to year, so it’s important to check the current tax rates before applying any changes. In addition, the amount of tax paid must be calculated using the assessment value multiplied by the applicable tax rate.

Another tax law tip relates to selling a home in installments. You can spread out the tax bill over several years by selling the building in installments. Then, you can deduct the amount of profit you made on each installment based on the gain. The total amount of taxes you pay would be equal to what you would have paid if you had sold the property all at once. This doesn’t mean that you can avoid paying taxes altogether – it’s just that you will pay them at a lower rate than you would if you sold it all at once.

If you don’t like the assessed value of your property, you can appeal to your county’s Board of Tax Appeals. The deadline for filing an appeal is December 31. It’s worth mentioning that the deadline to file an appeal is different for every county. It’s important to file your tax returns on time to avoid being penalized for late filing. It’s also a good idea to hire a Louisiana tax attorney if you have any questions or concerns.

The TCJA also made the child tax credit more accessible to middle class families. A previous law only applied to undocumented immigrants, and a child’s income under 17 years old is no longer eligible for the tax credit. However, the changes will affect everyone who owns shares of a corporation. They are expected to affect many households, including the middle class. This tax change also affects the standard deduction. The standard deduction is now nearly double what it was in previous years.


Tax Law

An Attorney Can Help if You Are Charged With Tax Fraud

Whether a taxpayer is accused of tax evasion or not can be a tricky issue. A tax law attorney can help you determine the underlying legal issues and work with you to avoid criminal charges. The IRS may accuse someone of defrauding the government, and in extreme cases, they can even go to prison. A tax attorney can help you negotiate a resolution without criminal charges, or you can fight the IRS in court if necessary.

The Internal Revenue Code contains several civil penalty regimes aimed at discouraging taxpayers from misreporting their transactions. The most notable of these is Section 6662(a), which imposes a 20% penalty on a significant understatement of income tax or valuation. The penalties increase to forty percent for gross valuation misstatements. In addition, this statute also applies to undisclosed foreign financial asset understatements. In addition to criminal penalties, underpayment penalties can also be significant.

There are two different forms of tax avoidance: fraud and evasion. The first is illegal, whereas the latter is legal and is done with care. Tax avoidance involves minimizing your tax liability by using tax shelters and legal deductions. The second is evasion, in which one tries to reduce their tax liability by deception or concealment. While avoiding taxes is not illegal, it is often considered illegal and should be avoided.

A taxpayer may evade taxation by transferring their income overseas, if they renounce their citizenship. While moving assets to a tax haven does not mean they won’t be taxed, it is not enough to avoid the tax. The other option is to renounce your citizenship and live with the consequences. However, there are legal ways around this problem. A skilled tax attorney in Oregon can help you decide what to do in such a situation.

The child tax credit cap has increased to $3,000 for children aged six to 17, and $3,600 for children under six. These changes were part of the American Relief Act, which takes effect for the 2021 tax year. As the IRS considers family members to be friends, a parent may choose one form of tax avoidance over the other to minimize the amount of tax the transaction incurs. Then, he can calculate the amount of tax he or she will owe if the gift exceeds that amount.

Another strategy is to use the cash method of accounting. This method of accounting allows for more control over the timing of when income is recognized. While accrual basis taxpayers must wait a certain amount of time before receiving a payment, they can essentially manipulate the tax system by delaying the receipt of income. By doing so, they can save more money in tax. But, in this case, the tax savings are much lower than if the same income were transferred into an account using the accrual basis.

The other type of passive activity is trading in securities. In this situation, the taxpayer cannot participate materially in the trade or business. It is important to determine whether the taxpayer is materially participating in the activity. If the taxpayer is a limited partner in a business, he does not have to materially participate in it. This is because limited partnerships do not count as active participants. But this doesn’t mean that the limited partner doesn’t participate in the activity.


Tax Law

What To Look For When Hiring a Tax Lawyer?

Hiring a good tax lawyer

If you’re in a bind and have a question about your taxes, hiring New London. CT tax lawyer is a good move. While the IRS is notoriously difficult to deal with, you can use a tax lawyer to help you navigate the legal jargon and understand the most recent changes to the tax code. You should consult with at least three different professionals before making a decision. When you visit these professionals, bring along all your financial documents and any notices you’ve received from the IRS.

A tax lawyer’s education is extensive. They must hold a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree, and some even earn a Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.). Tax attorneys also have years of experience and expertise in the field. In addition to their education, they must pass the state bar exam to practice law. They should have a PTIN and know how to deal with the IRS.

If you are facing an audit, it’s best to hire a tax lawyer. If you find yourself in a position of having to meet with the IRS, you may feel intimidated or afraid of getting into trouble. While you can’t avoid the possibility of facing an audit, you should make sure that you answer the questions truthfully. It’s not a good idea to mention your brother-in-law or a possible mistake on your tax return. Hiring a tax lawyer is essential because they can protect you and ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.

Before hiring a tax attorney, it is important to find out how much the fees will cost. Different tax relief firms have different fee structures. Some charge hourly rates, while others bill by the hour. Always ask about their fees and the amount of savings you will enjoy if you hire them. There are firms that exclusively employ tax attorneys, such as J David Tax Law. While Community Tax employs CPAs and enrolled agents, most employ tax attorneys.

If you are not able to pay your taxes, a tax attorney can negotiate on your behalf to reduce the amount owed. Tax attorneys can also help you qualify for the CSED program. They can also present a case to the IRS regarding a hardship that has prevented you from paying the IRS. In this case, hiring a tax lawyer is critical as they can help you avoid paying late fees and penalties. They can help you obtain the best resolution for your money and protect your assets.

A tax attorney’s hourly rate will vary depending on his or her experience. A tax attorney who bills by the hour will typically charge anywhere from $200 to $390 per hour. The final cost will depend on the complexity of your situation, mitigation, and whether you continue to retain the services. An average tax audit may cost around $2,000 while an Offer in Compromise could run you up to $6,500. A tax attorney should offer a free initial consultation, usually fifteen minutes long, and can be arranged through a phone call.

Family Law

Child Custody Attorneys – Protecting Your Children’s Legal Interests and Keeping Them Safe

If you want to protect your children’s legal interests and keep them safe, you may consider hiring child custody attorneys. An attorney will protect your rights while remaining objective. He or she will be able to identify future issues and minimize the likelihood of problems. If you have a complicated relationship, you may not want to handle this process without the guidance of an attorney. Hiring a child custody attorney will protect your children’s best interests and help you avoid costly court appearances and ongoing litigation.

When hiring a child custody attorney, it is important to remember that the fees can be expensive. A private attorney will expect an hourly fee, and will likely require a substantial retainer, which is money put towards legal fees. If you cannot afford the fee, you may have two options: to represent yourself in court, or to request free legal assistance from a lawyer. The government websites of your state may offer pro se resources for litigants who do not have the means to hire a lawyer.

Hiring a family attorney is crucial if you believe your child is being abused or neglected. Your co-parent may try to influence your decision by bringing up old skeletons in the closet. If you know about an arrest or a conviction, hiring a lawyer is a good idea. Attorneys can explain the documentation to the other parent and give them the proper legal protection.

If your child custody attorney doesn’t have experience in the area of child custody, you can find free resources online. Family courts and supreme courts in New York have self-help websites. In New York City, you can search for the family court’s website by borough. Law libraries and self-help centers also have staff attorneys, but they cannot give legal advice. So before hiring a child custody attorney, read the laws carefully.

You should also consider the cost of the lawyer. Many people look for child custody attorneys based on their cost. The cost of hiring a child custody attorney varies depending on the state and city in which you reside. You should keep in mind that this is only one factor, and hiring a lawyer with experience is a better choice. It will save you money and protect your children’s best interests.

Hiring a child custody attorney can help you avoid these problems. It is imperative that you hire an attorney if you have a custody agreement that doesn’t work for you. Even if the other parent is perfectly capable of handling the situation, it is better to have someone to protect your rights. Hiring a child custody attorney can also help you avoid a court appearance if you don’t agree with the terms.

Child custody consists of two components: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to the decisions and rights of the parents and children. Physical custody refers to the amount of time that each parent spends with the child, while legal custody involves the decision-making powers of the parent. Legal custody, on the other hand, refers to who gets to make important decisions. Oftentimes, a parent retains both legal and physical custody.

Tax Law

Why You Should Hire a Tax Levy Lawyer?

Before you start fighting a monetary levy, you should hire a Lexington Tax Levy Lawyer. These lawyers have experience dealing with different types of tax debt and know how the law applies to your situation. Regardless of whether you are behind on your taxes or have a small balance, it is important to contact a knowledgeable attorney to help you fight the levy. A tax reorganization plan can help you get back on track with your financial obligations.

The best way to stop a tax levy is to negotiate with the IRS and set up a payment plan. You may be able to settle your debt with a payment plan that works with your income and payment ability. You can do this by working with a skilled Lexington Tax Levy Lawyer who can help you navigate the process and negotiate a favorable resolution. This can be the difference between keeping your home and losing it.

Depending on your situation, the IRS can levie your property if you fail to pay your taxes. Even if you do not owe any taxes, the IRS can still take your property if you don’t make the payments. A tax levy lawyer can help you navigate the process and negotiate a payment plan that will work for you. They can also negotiate a reduced payment amount if the value of your property is much higher than your debt.

Hiring a Tax Levy Lawyer is the best way to stop a tax levy. They can negotiate with the IRS and stop the levy. Your Lexington tax levy lawyer can negotiate a payment plan with the IRS and defend your rights at a due process hearing. If you’re not willing to pay the debt, you can seek the services of a skilled tax reorganization attorney.

The IRS may also levy your property if you ignore their notice. You can fight the tax levy by seeking legal help. A Tax reorganization plan can be an excellent way to get your finances back on track. You can also negotiate a payment plan with the IRS, if it’s possible. A good tax levy lawyer will help you understand the entire process. By using a professional levy lawyer, you’ll have a better chance of negotiating a payment plan that works for your needs.

A tax levy lawyer will discuss all of the options available to you. The most common option is to go for an installment plan with the IRS. Your Lexington tax levy lawyer will make the necessary financial documents and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. In addition, they can also seek relief through other methods such as a reduced payment. This is a final option that the IRS will consider if you are unable to pay.

Tax Law

Understanding the Progressive Nature of Income Tax

The nature of income tax, said IRS audit defense lawyer LA. This tax is imposed on the revenue income of a person, which is normally the main source of cash for the government. The income may be permanent or temporary, and either is taxable. In other words, you have to gross up tax-free income to include it in your taxable total. However, this is a small part of the total income. In addition to the direct effect on the government’s bottom line, income taxes help in redistribution of wealth and reduce inequality of income.

Nature of Income Tax

Income Tax is a progressive tax, which means that lower-income households pay a lower percentage of their gross incomes than higher-income households. As a result, a lower-income household pays a lower percentage of its income in income taxes than a high-income one. This is due to the fact that higher-income taxpayers have a much higher net worth and can afford to pay higher rates of tax.

The nature of income tax is complicated and disputed, mainly because it is a public appropriation of private property. In many jurisdictions, there is a federal tax, a state tax, or a local tax. Some countries, including the United States, have two levels of income tax. Fees paid by central and local governments are not considered taxes, so they are not included in double-tax treaties. A field audit is an examination of the taxpayer’s return at the place of business.

The nature of income tax is more complicated, but it is not as complicated as it sounds. There are three main types of taxation. First, the nature of income tax. This means that every taxpayer must pay a percentage of their income, regardless of whether they earn enough money to qualify for a deduction. In addition to this, it is important to understand what income tax is. This way, you can calculate your taxable income accurately.

In the US, there are two types of income tax. There are federal and state taxes, which are applied to income. The federal tax is charged to corporations, and is often the most complicated. Some countries are more progressive than others, and some countries have a lower rate than other countries. You can find the law in the U.S. on your own by looking at the source of your tax bill. It is based on the country where you live, and what you do.

The federal government imposes taxes on both business and individuals. It is a regressive tax aimed at increasing revenues and reducing inequality. In some countries, it has a strong tradition of ensuring that businesses pay their fair share of taxes. This means that there are many advantages and disadvantages to income tax. And if you want to know more, make sure you read the full article! There are many other advantages to this kind of income tax.

Landlord Tenant Law

The Importance of Knowing Your Right As Tenants Rights in Chicago

As a tenant, you have many rights and responsibilities. While most landlords play by the rules, some may not, and you may have to fight for them. However, if you know your rights and have the ability to defend them, you will have an easier time avoiding problems with your landlord. As a tenant, it is important to understand these rights before signing a lease or negotiating rent increases with a landlord.

As a tenant, you have certain rights. You must be aware of your time limit, which is generally the length of the lease. Additionally, you must be aware of local rent control ordinances, which often set limits on the amount a landlord can raise the rent and the reasons he can evict a tenant. If you are unsure of your rights, be sure to ask your landlord what the rules are in your state.

The most important right of all is to be aware of your landlord’s right of entry. A landlord has the right to enter your apartment, as long as he has a valid cause to do so. They must provide you with proper notice and get your permission before entering your unit. If you don’t give permission, the landlord can evict you or end your tenancy. You must also know your rights regarding repairs.

There are many other rights you have as a tenant. First, you are entitled to a decent and habitable home. Your landlord cannot evict you for not paying your rent. It is important to pay your landlord for repairs. Having a pet in your apartment is considered a breach of your lease. If you feel your landlord is violating your rights, you can file a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The right of tenants is different in each state, but there are some basic rights that apply everywhere. Your landlord has the right to collect rent and raise the rent. You must respect his right to do so and make sure your landlord follows the law. By understanding your rights as a tenant, you will be better equipped to deal with your landlord. A better understanding of your rights as a tenant can help you avoid any unpleasant surprises later.

You have the right to know your landlord’s rights. In fact, your landlord has the legal right to decide how you live in the apartment. Even though you are entitled to a decent home, landlords are allowed to make certain conditions. For instance, you are not entitled to rent a unit if you’re not satisfied with the condition of your apartment. This means that you can ask for the owner’s records. If you need help on your conflict with Landlord can ask for a landlord and tenant dispute resolution Attorney to help you.